IV Ozone - Major Auto-Hemotherapy (MAH)

IV Ozone (MAH) is the standard method for delivering a systemic dose of ozone to the body.

With this system, approximately 200 mL of blood are removed from the body, mixed with ozone, then returned via the same vein the blood was taken from. All of the benefits of ozone therapy are seen with this treatment with the exception of stem cell stimulation and telomere preservation.

$250 per IV*

IV Hyperbaric Ozone “Ten-Pass”

Hyperbaric Ozone is the newest ozone therapy to come out of Germany. Instead of using around 200 mL of blood, up to 2 liters (2,000 mL) of blood are treated. Effectively it is like receiving 10 Major Auto-Hemotherapy treatments all at once, hence the nickname “Ten-Pass.” What makes this possible is the pressurizing of the blood in special hyperbaric bottles that protect the blood and enable the larger dose of ozone to be delivered.

Hyperbaric ozone is in many ways superior to the conventional Major Auto-Hemotherapy. In addition to the positive effects on oxygen utilization, circulation and immunity that come with MAH, hyperbaric ozone stimulates the production of new stem cells and activates existing ones. It even slows down telomere shortening. All of these effects on stem cells and telomers start to take effect around the “8th pass” which is why these specific effects are not seen in MAH alone. It is also a very effective detoxification method, comparable to EDTA and DMPS without the depletion of important minerals and other micronutrients.

$650 per treatment*

*Note: you will need a simple blood test prior to receiving your first IV Ozone treatment.
Cost of the blood test is not included in the price of the IV.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

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