Regenerative Injection Therapy

Natural, Safe & Effective Non-Surgical Therapies
@ Maui Regenerative Medicine

“Prolo" derives from the Greek root word proliferate, which means "to regenerate."
Prolotherapy, also known as regenerative therapy, has been used for more than 40 years as an injection technique to stimulate the body’s natural healing response. An irritative solution using dextrose is injected in multiple areas in and around the injured joint or body part to stimulate the body to respond through inflammation, which brings new blood cells, nutrients, and the body’s healing response.

Prolozone Therapy is an injection technique similar to Prolotherapy that uses ozone, a form of high powered oxygen, in addition to dextrose. The use of ozone enables the joint to heal much more quickly than in traditional Prolotherapy. It involves the injection ozone gas and other nutrients into damaged and painful areas to stimulate the body’s healing response.  Ozone is also a powerful pain reliever and can quickly reduce or eliminate acute and chronic pain. Prolozone can be combined with PRP or be used as stand alone treatment.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Platelet rich plasma (abbreviated PRP) is a treatment used for a variety of common orthopedic conditions. PRP is a concentration of platelet cells taken from your blood, and these platelets have growth factors that may help in the healing process of acute and chronic injuries. Growth factors are chemicals that signal the body to initiate a healing response. By injecting PRP into an injured area, the effect is the stimulation and optimization of the body's ability to heal the damaged tissue.

Available with Dr. Kevin Davison at Maui Regenerative Medicine.

Fee Schedule

New Patient Consultation and Exam including Diagnostic Ultrasound: $150
$150-$300 per area depending on complexity
$250 - $400 per area depending on complexity
(an area is a shoulder, knee, hip, low back etc.)
is an additional $300 fee

Most conditions are effectively treated in 2-6 treatments*

Conditions Commonly Treated with Regenerative Injection Therapy

Rotator Cuff Tears

Meniscal Tears
ACL, MCL, LCL Sprains

Golfer’s Elbow
Tennis Elbow

Cervical Instability
Disc Degeneration & Injuries

Pseudo Carpal Tunnel

Low Back
Lumbar & Sacroiliac Pain
Disc Degeneration & Injuries

Planter Fasciitis

Labral Tears
Ligament Laxity & Pain

Expected Outcomes of Regenerative Injection Therapy

  • Decrease or eliminate pain 

  • Decrease or eliminate stiffness in joints 

  • Increase joint stability

  • Postpone or eliminate the need for surgery

  • Regenerate damaged, lax, torn ligaments, tendons and cartilage

  • Improve ability to function both in activities of daily living & exercise

*severe or advanced cases may require more treatments or may not be appropriate for regenerative injection therapy